August 8, 2013

India vs Pakistan cyberwarfare?

The Cold War between India and Pakistan sometimes takes the form of cyber warfare - or at least hackers sending malware. The Register, August 7, 2013 reports :

"Security researchers have uncovered what appears to be a malware-based attack targeting Indian military or government entities and designed to steal information.

The malware linked to the attack "contains specific artifacts that [link it] to a commercial Pakistani entity," according to security intelligence firm ThreatConnect..."

 See whole article.

But its not that simple. As in many malware issues its unclear who or what country is doing what.



TFH said...

Well, I'm sure those two ancient civilizations (that are actually one and the same) can work it out in cyberspace. Maybe with a little help from the Japanese.

TFH said...

Message I get is; don't give up. I'm guessing 'they' would rather deal with someone 'they' already know.

Pete said...


Cyber warfare between India and Pakistan that has no violence or casualties is certainly preferable to conventional warfare and to the mutual nuclear threat.