August 9, 2013

Is a India - Pakistanwater war imminent?

A sketchy Nimoo-Bazgo Layout Plan

An interesting post on Australia Online Opinion, April 17, 2012 paints India in a rather bad light. Haven't made up my mind whether this is really justified.

A prominant Pakistani wrote in Lahore's The Nation "Indian hostilities and conspiracies against the country will never end until she is taught a lesson."

"...At issue are Pakistan's concerns over India's ongoing construction of two hydroelectric dams on the upper reaches of the Indus River. Islamabad is concerned that the 45 megawatt, 190-foot tall Nimoo-Bazgo concrete dam 44 megawatt Chutak hydroelectric power project will reduce the Indus River's flow towards Pakistan, as they are capable of storing up to 4.23 billion cubic feet of water, violating the terms of the bilateral 1960 Indus Water Treaty. ...The Indus is Pakistan's primary freshwater source, on which 90 percent of its agriculture depends. According to a number of Pakistani agriculture and water experts, the nation is heading towards a massive water shortage in the next couple of years due to insufficient water management practices and storage capacity, which will be exacerbated by the twin Indian hydroelectric projects, as they will further diminish the Indus' flow."

In an age of 1,000+ megawatt power stations the 45-150? megawatts to be generated by these proposed dams seems miniscule. Perhaps the more valuable resource is additional water for Indian agriculture or cities?
Is this a storm in a teacup or an  issue causing serious friction between Pakistan and India?